The Future of Work in Oil & Gas

CrowdField is a platform that connects Oil & Gas businesses with the Crowd, a global network of skilled individuals.

By accessing the right skill set at the right time, businesses can focus on getting the job done, optimize their resources, and materially increase their productivity.

Bridging the Gap

CrowdField is designed to specifically help Oil & Gas Companies find niche talent in the face of the massive skills shortage that will continue to loom the Industry for many years to come.

The new paradigm

In an increasingly challenging energy world, this is the time where the Oil & Gas Industry must embrace the gig economy. CrowdField is here to pave the way. Our aim is to ensure that O&G companies can step further into this new way of doing business without any of the pains that might have held them back in the past.

A global talent network

Why should companies limit themselves to in-house resources or to a close group of consultants and associates? This inhibits performance, reduces innovation, and minimizes the opportunity for development and growth.

With CrowdField, O&G businesses can now break free of these barriers and have access to the entirety of skills available at any time in the whole world!

Flexible earning

Step into the new world! No office hours. No day-to-day job. No salary cap. Individuals can manage their own time and generate a new income stream by monetizing their skills.

No boundaries

The days of in-person work are gone. In the modern gig economy, more can be done with less, from afar. CrowdField removes geographical constraints and provides you the tools to ensure that wherever you are in the world, you can get the job done.

How does it work?

Search & match

Bespoke AI-driven matchmaking engine to pair suitable candidates to clients’ specific requirements.


By partnering with global HR service providers, we can compliantly hire, pay and manage contractors across the globe, in minutes. Think onboarding, contracts, NDAs & CAs, digital signatures, regional laws, tax rules… We got it! You just focus on growing your business.


Smart integration with third party frameworks to provide project management and collaboration tools. This includes secure file sharing, messaging, video conferencing, etc., for efficient communications and full audit trail visibility through project execution.


We aim to stand clear of bottlenecks and avoid missing project milestones. Whether helping with the project scope, vetting process, project management or anything else, we want to offer optionality, alleviate the admin burden, and provide the smoothest possible experience beginning-to-end.

Adding value

In the Oil & Gas sector, the status-quo is a losing game going forward. This is how CrowdField is a value-adding proposition to O&G businesses:


  • Ease and speed of onboarding process is a key element of our value proposition.

  • We strive to create an agile workflow that offers our clients a seamless experience from start to finish.

  • We take the admin burden off your shoulders so both business and freelancer can focus on what really matters.

  • Business needs a job done? Business gets the job done! That’s our mantra.

Task-based freelancing

CrowdField is designed for specific task-based freelance solutions across the many disciplines and niche skills that belong in the O&G Industry.

Code a python script to export TNav production forecast into an excel-based economic model for field depletion strategy optimization.

Review well test database and correct production allocation workbook to update OFM database and production history file into simulation model.

Write a Petrel workflow to extract saturation maps in a waterflood development for a powerpoint management presentation.

Compile company core database and build a user-friendly interface with statistical data analyses and graphical displays as per template provided.


  • Exploration geology

  • Development geology

  • Petrophysics

  • Geophysics

  • Structural geology

  • Drilling

  • Completions

  • Production engineering

  • Reservoir engineering

  • Petroleum Engineering

  • Process Engineering

  • Projects, Facilities, and construction

  • Management

  • HSE

  • Finance

  • Legal


  • Basin modelling, Geochemistry, Petroleum Systems.

  • Stratigraphy, sedimentology, reservoir modelling.

  • Techtonics, geomechanics, fracture analysis.

  • Formation evaluation, core analysis, well log interpretation.

  • Seismic interp, attributes, gravity, magnetic.

  • Well planning, well design.

  • Completion design, sand control, well stimulation, well integrity.

  • Well optimization, artificial lift, well intervention.

  • PVT, PTA, material balance, numerical simulation, reserves estimation.

  • Process engineering, flow assurance, facilities design/operation, platforms and sub-sea systems.

  • Data analytics, coding, automation.


  • TemisFlow, Skua-GoCad, GPM, PetroMod.

  • Petrel, Roxar RMS, Geoscience Suite, TNav Geology Designer.

  • Fracman, Visage, Kinetix, Move.

  • Geolog, Interactive Petrophysics.

  • Surfer, Geoprobe, Kingdom.

  • DrillPlan, DrillOps, WellPlan, CorePlan.

  • Welltec, OpenWells, Techlog.

  • Pipesim, Prosper, GAP, Topaze, Emeraude.

  • Hysys, OLGA

  • PVTP, PVTPro, MBal, Eclipse, CMG, TNav.

  • Spotfire, Excel/VBA, Power query, Power BI, Python

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