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Unsung O&G Superheroes Series vol. 1: The Mighty Reservoir Engineer

Industry insights
This blog post celebrates Reservoir Engineers, who masterfully blend art and science to harness natural forces for humanity's prosperity. Marvel at how they utilize geoscience, engineering, and cutting-edge technology to predict and optimize Earth's resources, safeguarding and stewarding our planet's riches.

Gig economy in Oil & Gas and Energy: Introducing CrowdField - Your Ultimate Hub for Opportunities & Skill Monetization

Industry insights
Discover how CrowdField is revolutionizing the oil & gas sector by embracing the gig economy, offering countless opportunities for professionals to monetize their skills and expertise.

The case for doing (almost) nothing about climate change - a summary

Industry insights
Exploring the complexities of the global climate debate, this article delves into political agendas, innovative solutions, and the role of media. Discover the importance of a balanced approach to effectively address climate change.

Decoding the Net Zero Policy Debate: What's at Stake?

Industry insights
Delve deep into the nuances and controversies surrounding net zero policies, and what they mean for the future of our planet and economy.

Oil and Gas: What is a Digital Twin and Why Does It Matter?

Industry insights
Dive into the concept of digital twins, their significance in the oil and gas sector, and how they're revolutionizing operations and decision-making.

Why are Energy Prices So High? A Look Through the Lens of the Iceberg Model Framework

Industry insights
This blog post aims to answer the commonly asked question about high energy prices by analyzing the issue using the Iceberg Model framework. The analysis covers visible symptoms, underlying systems, and deep-rooted beliefs affecting the cost of energy.

The Pitfalls of Short-Term Energy Policies and How to Avoid Them

Industry insights
This blog post examines the systemic factors and mental models that lead politicians to prioritize short-term gains in energy policy, often neglecting long-term sustainability and solutions.

Media's Role in Shaping Public Literacy in Energy and Economics: A Double-Edged Sword

Industry insights
An in-depth analysis of the media's impact on public understanding and misconceptions about energy economics, along with recommendations for improvements.

Secure Your Future in Oil and Gas by creating Digital Products

Digital Store
Learn how to create and monetize digital products like ebooks and software on CrowdField's platform. Get tips on how to develop these products, market them, and make the most of CrowdField's Digital Store.

Tackling the Oil and Gas Skill Crunch

Industry insights
The oil and gas industry is facing a skill crunch as it undergoes transformations. Discover the causes behind the talent shortage and explore actionable solutions, from reskilling existing workforce to changing the way we think about recruitment and training.

Freelancing in the Energy Transition

Industry insights
Interested in going solo in the fast-evolving energy sector? Learn how freelancing can offer a unique vantage point for those looking to contribute to the energy transition. Understand the skills needed, potential challenges, and how to navigate freelance opportunities.

The Future of Work in Oil and Gas: Embracing Flexibility and Side Gigs for Win-Win Scenarios

Industry insights
This article explores the transformative idea of allowing Oil and Gas employees to take on side gigs. We examine how embracing flexibility in employment can unlock untapped talent and create win-win scenarios, thereby shaping the future of work in the Oil and Gas sector.

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