It is well understood that the Oil & Gas sector will face a major skills shortage in the years ahead.
Factors like a pandemic-driven skills exodus, unfriendly government policies, and a negative media narrative have all contributed to people wanting to leave the industry.
But despite the ongoing transition to renewable energy sources, the world will continue to rely on fossil fuels for decades to come in order to meet its energy needs.
This presents a significant opportunity for the Oil & Gas sector to continue to thrive and grow.

Our Mission

CrowdField was founded by Petroleum Engineer Alan Mourgues and Digital Marketer Esteban Pinto in 2022.
We set out to develop a tool with two objectives in mind:


To help Oil & Gas businesses find suitable freelancers who can help them overcome the skills shortage and move their projects forward.


To help O&G professionals continue to monetize their skills across a range of industries and sectors as the global energy transition unfolds.


While we are not a community platform like LinkedIn, we are a two-sided marketplace that pairs businesses (demand side) with skilled individuals (supply side) who have the specific expertise they need to successfully achieve their goals.

How we're different

We prioritize skills (rather than professions or disciplines), as the primary asset to be transacted.
Our key ability is helping companies find freelancers with the specific skills they need, when they need them, rather than being limited to hiring professionals with a certain set of credentials and constrained by traditional hiring processes.
This shift in focus allows companies to be more agile and responsive, and better able to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

Digital Store

In addition to the freelance model at the core of our offering, our Digital Store allows skilled professionals to monetize their expertise by creating and selling templates, code, workflows, automations, guides, e-books, or digital courses to the world.


Alan Mourgues

Petroleum Engineer, MSc
  • done Independent consultant
  • done Business owner
  • done Entrepreneur
  • done Investor & trader
Alan has over 20 years of experience in the international Oil and Gas industry, having worked in both large and small organizations, as well as national and private companies. He also has experience as a consultant, both independently and as part of a major global advisory group. This diverse background allows him to understand the nuances of the resourcing problem and identify the pain points that the CrowdField proposition aims to address.

Esteban Pinto

Industrial Engineer, MBA
  • done Digital Marketer
  • done Business owner
  • done Entrepreneur
  • done Startup mentor
Esteban has over 15 years of experience as an account and project manager, working with both small and large companies at the C-level. He has managed teams of professionals with diverse backgrounds, including full-stack developers, marketing engineers, and creative minds. Esteban brings a wealth of marketing expertise to the table, as well as an extensive network of connections, mentors, and advisors in various startup ecosystems.


The idea for the platform was first outlined in a blog post in November 2020, which was circulated for feedback and used to further develop the concept. Have a read here to see how it all began.
This marketplace that you see in this website is a minimum viable product (MVP) that includes only the core features and functionality necessary to deliver value to early customers. It is a stripped-down version of our full vision for the platform, allowing us to quickly test and iterate on the design.
Our goal is to release the product to the market, test and validate our assumptions about the product/service, and gather feedback from early users before launching a full-scale version.


At CrowdField, we’re all about empowering individuals to take control of their careers, monetize their skills, and explore new opportunities in the face of the massive shift taking place in the energy landscape.

These are the key tenets of our vision:

Join & test

We have lots of ideas, but want to hear from you first. Join us, test us, have your say, and let’s build it together!

If you're a business

Please contact us so that we can work together to create a personalized workflow that fits your specific circumstances, whilst at the same time we learn from your feedback and improve our platform design.

If you're a freelancer

Take control of your future and join the Crowd for free today. This will allow us to start collaborating immediately to help you access incoming job opportunities and showcase your skills.