What will we charge?

We don't know yet. We're considering a tiered subscription model, but we want to hear from the market first.

In this initial release, we're excited to offer complimentary access to our platform's beta version. We aim to collect early user feedback to polish our product and craft an effective pricing model for its official release. Your input is vital in building a valuable tool for all users. Please join us in this developmental stage and share your thoughts.

That said, marketing efforts require funding. Currently, we have the following revenue sources in place:

Cohort: "AI and NoCode for O&G"

For just $49, join our collaborative group and contribute to creating a comprehensive "AI and NoCode for O&G" course, as well as valuable products for our Store. As a member, you'll enjoy behind-the-scenes access, witness firsthand how the course is developed, explore the potential of AI and No-Code in the energy sector, and receive complimentary access to all cohort-generated products and materials!

Join the cohort here 👉

My Resource Vault

Additionally, I'm presenting a special offer to fund our marketing efforts: a one-time purchase of $199 for lifetime access to my entire Resource Vault, worth thousands.

Every single item I put up in the store, every template, tutorial, piece of code, automation, etc., it's yours...the whole lot.

For you, it's not just a savings opportunity; it's a way to upskill and future-proof yourself in the AI-driven era of energy transition. Your support will help me propel the growth and outreach of CrowdField, benefiting our entire community.

Get the deal here 👉

Your support

Lastly, if you decide not to purchase anything yet but my project strikes a chord with you and you'd like to support me, you can 'buy me a coffee' through the little cup icon down on the right. It's a small gesture that means a lot and helps keep the wheels turning here. This is a solo side-project funded entirely from my own pocket, so a big thank you for even considering it!