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An experienced Geoscientist and technical leader with 25 years in the industry, adept in exploration and production across diverse Basins. Skilled in visualization, interpretation, and cutting-edge technologies like AI and Machine Learning for optimal geophysical data analysis. 

Personal details
Alessandro Mannini
Educational background
Highest academic degree:
Bachelor Degree - Geology- Siena Italy 1991-95
Professional details
Profession /occupation:
25+ years
Notable past employers:
Eni, Hess, Maersk, Petronas, Beach, Santos
Areas of expertise:
Digital Transformation
Seismic Characterization
Depth Conversion
Seismic inversion
Team management
Software skills:
Recent work

Principal Transformation Advisor
As a Transformation Adviser, my focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Process Mining drives efficiency and innovation, fostering collaborative strides within organizations. Concurrently, as the chair of the Subsurface Technology and Innovation Committee, I lead collaborative efforts to pioneer groundbreaking advancements.

Manager Geophysical Interpretation
As the Manager of Geophysics Interpretation and Discipline Leader, I orchestrate geophysical interpretation activities while providing strategic guidance and expertise to drive innovation within the discipline. Leading a team in analyzing seismic data to unveil subsurface structures, I collaborate across departments to support exploration and development efforts. My role involves not only overseeing interpretation activities but also championing innovation, and best practices within geophysics, cultivating a culture of excellence and advancement.

Custodian and Head of Quantitative Interpretation
Quantitative Interpretation (QI) department manager, responsible for a group of up to 25 highly skilled geophysicists who delivers high quality subsurface characterization through integration of geophysical and well bore data ranging from Exploration to Production Projects.
Typical deliverables from the team includes:
• structural definition and uncertainty through probabilistic depth conversion
• lithology and/or fluid prediction on basis of elastic seismic inversion and rock physics understanding/modelling
• AVO/AVA studies
• 4D feasibility studies and inversion
• Seismic Data conditioning for QI characterization studies
• Technology
In addition to the above leadership responsibilities I was also a permanent member of the Petronas Assurance Team representing the Geophysical functions in my role as highest QI technical authority.

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