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Lawrence (Larry) Wilcox is an experienced Reservoir Engineering Specialist, with +37 years of industry experience (20 years consulting) and a recognized specialty in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).  

He has a strong background in reservoir simulation (black-oil and compositional), history matching (including use of MEPO), fluid characterization (EOS modelling), EOR assessments, SCAL (planning and analysis), well testing (planning and interpretation), advanced completion modeling (part of NEToolTM development team), field development planning and execution, production optimization, and economics analysis (probabilistic methods and decision tree analysis). He is a “hands-on” engineer with considerable team lead experience, providing supervision and technical guidance. 

He is proficient in most commercial reservoir engineering applications and a number of proprietary products.

During his career Larry has worked for 7 international oil companies (IOC’s), 3 national oil companies (NOC’s), several small independents and a number of international consulting firms. He has worked in projects in Western and East Coast Canada, United States, Norway, Denmark, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Croatia, and Russia.  

Projects ranged from green fields (new) to brown fields (old); from offshore to onshore fields; and from conventional developments to EOR schemes. 

His most recent assignment was that of Reservoir Engineering Specialist (EOR) with ADNOC Onshore in Abu Dhabi, where he worked in the Technical Center, which was responsible for the stewardship of the EOR development plans in the company. 
In this role he provided advice, direction and mentorship for 2 existing CO2 WAG Pilots, 3 existing HC MEOR projects, 3 planned Pilots (SIWAP, SIMGAP, SWAG), and several developments in the EOR screening phase. 

Directed and assisted studies regarding Condensate tracking, Condensate Banking and Mitigation Strategies, GOR Measurement Correction Algorithm and CO2 Utilization.
Larry has a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Engineering (Applied Mathematics) from Queen’s University. He has authored five technical publications and has a 6th paper submitted for publication - “Fluid Property and Oil Composition Correlations for Malaysian Oils”.  

Larry also completed research into well productivity modeling, streamline simulation, and steady-state and transient near-wellbore behaviour with his colleague and Chair of Reservoir Engineering at Memorial University. Together they initiated an industry sponsored JIP “Advanced Well Completion Modeling and Optimization” for the development of the Goodwell simulator. Larry also played a key role with ExxonMobil in the research and development of a new EOR laboratory at Memorial University to study minimum miscibility pressure, core displacement testing and visualization.  

Personal details
Lawrence Wilcox
Educational background
Highest academic degree:
BSc Engineering
Professional details
Profession /occupation:
Reservoir Engineer
30+ years
Notable past employers:
ADNOC, Petronas, Maersk, XOM, Suncor
Areas of expertise:
Numerical simulation
Software skills:
Recent work

Worked in the EOR Department with ADNOC Upstream which directed the EOR development plans in the operating companies (ADCO, ADMA and ZADCO – now ADNOC Onshore and Offshore).  

Advisor to the CO2 WAG for Asab and CO2 SWAG for Bu Hasa to ensure technical standards and schedule for the EOR Pilots and Full Field implementation plans. 

Also conducted a Fluid Property Correlation study for UAE Oils. This study was comparable to that conducted in Malaysia (see below).  

Investigated CO2 tolerance levels with respect to impurities and dilution levels. This was studied through a series of techniques including a newly developed CO2 MMP correlation that improved on previous work in this area. The results led to the establishment of minimum CO2 specifications and a strategy for a tapered CO2 injection stream, which would maximize the CO2 usage under a limited supply situation. 

Assisted with the development of a PVT database and helped prepare material for a PVT Course.  

Transferred to the Technical Center in ADNOC Onshore as an EOR Specialist for all gas based EOR Pilots and Projects. In this role provided advise, technical control and mentorship for 3 existing CO2 WAG Pilots, 3 existing HC MEOR projects, 3 planned Pilots (SIWAP, SIMGAP, SWAG) and several developments in the EOR screening phase. Directed and assisted studies regarding Condensate tracking, Condensate Banking and Mitigation Strategies, GOR Measurement Correction Algorithm and CO2 Utilization Optimization.

Was recognized as a triple SME; the only within ADNOC. As such was involved in all hiring interviews, technical promotion reviews and technical strategic planning.

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