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Chemical Engineer

Subject matter expert
Junior professional
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Energy Engineer with postgraduate specialization in Chemical Engineering (Master's and Ph.D.) from Rice University (Texas, USA). I have 10 years of academic research experience (undergraduate and graduate levels) in the energy and environmental sectors, focusing on mitigation of environmental impact caused by conventional energy sources. Sustainability and leadership are prominent interests of mine. 

Throughout the years, I have gained experience in: academic research; reaction engineering; nanomaterials; analytical methods; scientific communication; process improvement; and intellectual property.

Currently based in Brazil, but most of my projects were carried out in Texas (United States), where I will be returning to in early 2024. 

My service offering includes research and development consulting, case study, peer review, literature review, science communication, and patent drafting. I am also open to developing additional skills of interest on a case-by-case basis.

Personal details
Priscilla Dias da Silva
Educational background
Highest academic degree:
PhD, Chemical Engineering, Rice University - Houston, Texas (USA) 2016-2021
Professional details
Profession /occupation:
Chemical Engineer
10+ years
Notable past employers:
Rice University, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP
Areas of expertise:
Academic research
Reaction engineering
Analytical methods
Scientific communication
Intellectual property
Software skills:
Recent work
  • Superfund Research Program Trainee, Rice University and US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (USA) Research Associate
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Chemical Engineering, Rice University (USA)
  • Research Assistant, Project Leader, Mentor, Outreach, Laboratory Manager
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