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Mechanical Engineer

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I am very interested in the discussion of renewable energies such as solar energy (Photovoltaic Power Plant) and wind energy, therefore I have completed various scientific courses related to them and have also done many studies personally. On the other hand, due to my work experience in the industry, I gained significant knowledge about optimizing energy consumption in industry, especially steam consumption, and in the last few years, I was able to implement various plans in this field at my workplace to reduce energy consumption, which has been very impressive.
Hence I am confident that not only my qualifications in Fluid Mechanics Engineering (B.Sc.), mechanics- energy conversion (M.Sc.) match the requirements of your programs, but also my technical ability and courses that I have passed .
So far I have managed to publish two articles with one of my professors on energy consumption in industries at Kashan Azad University (see my CV for more details).
Apart from education, my eleven years of work experience has made me gain useful and related skills, including in equipment maintenance systems in industry such as PM, TPM, PAM, OEE, Thermographic monitoring and recently Vibration monitoring. While working, I did not cut off my connection with research and had studies on nanotechnology.
Personal details
Sharif Dehghan
Educational background
Highest academic degree:
MSc, Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion
Professional details
Profession /occupation:
Mechanical Engineer
10+ years
Notable past employers:
Meshkat Group
Areas of expertise:
Energy consulting
Solar energy
Steam energy audit
Software skills:
Fluent - CFD
Recent work

Simultaneous head of "Planning and statistics" unit and "Repair and maintenance" unit - Meshkat Solvent Extraction of Oilseed Company.

Production Supervisor - Meshkat Solvent Extraction of Oilseed Company
Supervisor of technical units (Welding - cutting metal, motor-gearbox and electro-pump service station and turning) And utilities unit (Boilers and Power unit)

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