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July 7, 2024

Excel DCA Tool

Excel template
Video tutorial

You've got production data in Excel, and often, you just want to perform a quick decline analysis right there, without switching to third-party software, right?

With this Excel DCA Tool, users can fit a regression trend to historical production data using Arps' Equations and perform a production forecast based on the fitted trend—all within Excel, with no need for any third-party software.

If you know how to value your time, you'll recognize that this is a steal at a mere $79!

After all, if you are a reservoir/petroleum engineer, you’ll perform DCA a million times in your career, wont you?

(Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for DCA software that offers the same core functionality anyway.)

Forever Free Version

If you're not ready to purchase yet, you can still access for free this preliminary file I released earlier, with limited functionality. It's designed to showcase what can be built with Excel and serves as a foundation for you to build upon.

Disclaimer on the free version: You need to be familiar with Excel and ActiveX controls. You'll need to replace the production history with your own, update chart axis limits, adjust scroll bar limits, and locate the cells linked to them.

👉 Get free version

Watch the tutorial below to see how the full version offers a pain-free user experience. Simply paste your production history, move the sliders to perform your DCA, and watch as everything else is automated—charts, tables, scenarios, and more!

What you get

📄 Excel workbook
🎥 Video tutorial
🔗 Access to all future updates

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