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Unsung O&G Superheroes Series vol. 1: The Mighty Reservoir Engineer

Alan Mourgues
November 28, 2023

We are reservoir engineers.

We uncover Earth's hidden treasures.

Our path is not just a career; it is a calling to harness the elemental forces of nature for the betterment of all humankind.

Our journey into the unknown begins with deciphering the intricate code of the subsurface world.

With geoscience and engineering data as our sword, we unveil the secrets of the reservoir's nature, a magnificent tapestry of rock and fluid… no two the same.

Our tools are not just of metal and code but of foresight and insight.

With cutting-edge technology as our crystal ball, we weave history with prediction, charting the unseen future by understanding the past.

We are the oracles of underground bounty, foreseeing how each reservoir will dance to nature's tune. We foresee the riches that lie beneath and predict how each reservoir will respond under multiple scenarios. We analyze the many possible outcomes to guide our decisions today.

In our hands, the reservoir reveals its secrets. We interpret its moods and whims, predicting its yield with the wisdom of a sage.

The wellhead tells no lies.

Our insights pave the way for abundant harvests, turning whispers of rate, pressure, and temperature into the language of revenue and progress.

Our outcomes portend untold wealth.

We orchestrate a symphony of disciplines. Geoscientists, engineers, technicians, businessmen… They all gather around our table. Together, we craft development plans to optimize recovery from the reservoir’s guts.

When the lights start to dim, we wield the tools of secondary energy—waterfloods, enhanced recovery, and other chemical sorceries. In the darkest caverns, we perform science-based magic that can breathe new life into the dying beast.

We listen closely to the heartbeat of the Earth, analyzing production data and reservoir performance; we make swift, strategic decisions to steer clear of danger, safeguarding our mission.

As seasoned prognosticators, we assess the economic fortunes of the treasure within, always weighing the prize's worth against the quest's cost, and ensuring that every endeavor adheres to the sacred laws of physics and respects the sanctity of the reservoir rock.

Our quest is unending. We forge new paths, forever seeking to unlock even deeper secrets from the Earth’s crust and exploring frontier technologies.

We are Reservoir Engineers, guardians of precision, innovation, and stewardship.

We stand at the vanguard of science, technology, and communication. We turn the incomprehensible into wonders akin to magic.

Stewards of Earth's riches, our mission guides humanity toward higher planes of prosperity. Our craft, a unique blend of art and science, is indispensable, potent beyond measure.

We are Reservoir Engineers, explorers of the unseen, keepers of Earth's most profound mysteries. In our own way, we too wear capes. We are heroes.


Written in collaboration with 20-year-Hollywood master storyteller Patrick Christell

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